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A Receptive Tour Operator (also called RTO) is the ground handler for groups arriving into or traveling within North America, handling all ground travel services including transportation, hotel, admission fees, event tickets, professional tour management services, airport assistance, and everything else the ‘tour’ or ‘trip’ needs to include.

Every group should book through an RTO or agency representative, so that they can alleviate the headaches that come along with group travel. By booking through Onward, the Tour Operator can focus on sales & marketing, the band director can focus on directing, the assistance coach can focus on the team, and the teacher can teach. Let the experts take away the nuisance and handle the group’s travel needs, expertly.

Onward’s headquarter is Anaheim, California, with locations throughout California and satellite offices in New York and Louisiana.

Of course it’s ideal to plan as far in advance as possible, but at Onward we have our own transportation, and blocked rooms at some of the most reputable hotels, so even if you are planning last minute, we can still help make your group travel experience, seamless.

Depending on the nationality of your guests, a visa may be required, in addition to a valid passport. Onward does not provide visa services, so please ensure that you check with the local USA consulate or the US State department at to learn about visa requirements.

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