Entertainment & Events

Live Performance and Entertainment Travel Management

Concert tours, film and TV production, celebrity junkets and performance artists – let’s get these shows on the road!

Before the band hits the stage, the movie premieres, the first episode runs, or the performance begins there is a crew that makes it all possible. The Onward Entertainment Division specializes in the day-to-day operations and logistics of your travel management. Allow us to wear all the H.A.T.S. — Hotel, Air, Transportation, and Support — taking much of the travel ‘administrivia’ off your back and onto our shoulders.

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You Save Time

It’s one thing to deal with a set change, quite another to deal with changes to rooming lists and airline reservations. It’s (h)ours to handle, as is travel scheduling, hotel staging, routed dates, and freight management. We are your full-service travel solution.

You Mark the Stage

Nothing is enacted without your approval, ensuring all needs met and budget followed in lockstep with your expectations. Onward assigns a dedicated account expert for direct communication and transparency. Concierge service 24/7 on cellphone and computer delivering timely response that hits the mark.

You Run the Show

Changes to the set list? No problem. We are not “paint-by-numbers” – we’re artists, too. We pride ourselves on adaptability – nimble, customizable, and responsive to solving any last-minute logistical plot twists.

You Mitigate Risk

Onward has a strict vetting process for all hotel and transport supplier partners and utilizes a General Liability insurance policy exceeding industry standard. We provide detailed itinerary confirmations and calendared deadlines to avoid costly penalties.

You Stay on Budget

We manage to your pocket. We provide travel budget oversight and insight to ensure fiscal integrity. Our long-standing industry relationships and the business volume we drive, afford us pricing privileges and priority rates that benefit you. We reduce billing to a single itemized invoice for simple reconciliation and coding.

You Take the Ovation

We understand you can’t always control where your dollars are allocated, but you can control your return for dollars spent. We are your crew. We take this responsibility very seriously. Your success is our success and our encore is working with you again.